Who is DWS?

DWS Hospitality Specialists are experts in the field of Liquor Licensing. Our team have been delivering successful outcomes for our clients for over 20 years.

Why the DWS team are the Liquor Licensing specialists you need

DWS Hospitality Specialists is a boutique consulting firm specialising in delivering liquor and gaming licensing advice to pubs, clubs, casinos, cafes, restaurants and more.

Our established relationships with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation as well as our expert knowledge of the Liquor Act places us at a distinct advantage in addressing complex liquor licensing issues.

Liquor Licence Support

We offer the following Liquor Licence support services

New Liquor Licence Applications

Get the help you need with new liquor licence applications & liquor licensing approvals for licensees.


Extension of Trading Hours or Licensed Areas

Applications to extend liquor trading hours or increase your licensed area.


Transfer of Liquor Licences

Transfer an existing liquor licence to a new licensee & be up and running within 72 hours.


Mediation with OLGR & Regulatory Bodies

Expert preparation for liquor mediation with OLGR or liquor licensing agencies.


Why Choose DWS Liquor Licensing

Ex-OLGR investigator Mike and his team have extensive experience in Liquor & Gaming licensing services and can assist with the most complex of licensing projects.

Quick & Efficient

Save time collecting paperwork and completing forms. Fast track your Liquor Licence Application by engaging experienced liquor consultants.

Proven Track Record

We have completed hundreds of Liquor Licensing projects with successful outcomes for our clients, every time. Avoid lengthy delays and get your liquor project off the ground faster.

Competitive Licensing Price

Our extensive experience in providing Liquor Licence advice to clients means that we can offer competitive Liquor Licensing quotes for any liquor licence application.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning liquor licensing questions in one handy place!
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FUN FACT: Is it spelled Liquor License or Liquor Licence?

A common misconception is around how to spell Licence – is it Liquor License / Liquor Licensing or Liquor Licence / Licencing? The correct answer? Well, you’ll have to click won’t you!

How long does a new liquor licence application take?

It can take anywhere from 2 – 6 months for a Café or Restaurant licence application to be complied, lodged and approved. If licensees can assist us in the compilation of the application it may only take a couple of weeks to prepare the liquor licence application, then the approval process by the OLGR can take a further 4-8 weeks.

Which businesses need a licence to serve alcohol in Queensland?

Most businesses can apply for a liquor licence of some sort.  The liquor licence QLD is issued with a Principal Activity which the licensee must be able to provide at all times to enable them to supply liquor to the public in Queensland.  The most common types of liquor licenses in Queensland are Café and Restaurant Liquor Licenses.

What are the liquor licence requirements in QLD?

A QLD liquor licensee must meet the requirements of being a Fit & Proper Person and be considered suitable to hold a liquor licence.  Some criminal convictions may preclude people from meeting this requirement.  If you have some concerns, please contact our liquor licensing consultants to discuss your situation.  A fundamental requirement to apply for a Liquor Licence in Queensland is having tenure over you premises – that means you must either own the premises or have a lease or similar.

How much does it cost for a Liquor Licence QLD?

The cost to apply for a Café or Restaurant Liquor Licence QLD is a combination of DWS fees and disbursement, and fees from other agencies.  The total cost of a Café or Restaurant Liquor Licence QLD application ranges from $4,300 through to $5,500 approximately, depending on the complexity of your Liquor Licence QLD application.

What is the Liquor Licence Act that is valid in Queensland?

The regulation of the liquor industry in Queensland is governed by the Liquor Act 1992 and the Liquor Regulation 2002.  Of course there is other legislation that you may also have to comply with when operating a licensed venue in Queensland and this may include some Local Government legislation – Council by-laws or similar.

What do I need to apply for a liquor licence in Queensland?

There are a significant number of documents needed to apply for a Café or Restaurant Liquor Licence.  These include lease documents, ID documents, DNRM and ASIC documents, etc. DWS will assist you to ensure that all of the required documents are lodged at the earliest opportunity to work towards a timely approval for your Queensland Liquor Licence application.

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