Liquor Licence Consultants

Why people use liquor licence consultants instead of DIY

Doing your own liquor licensing QLD work is possible!

You can navigate the liquor licence application process, and speak with Queensland Liquor Licensing (OLGR) yourself, however, DIY’ers be warned!

Completing your own liquor licence QLD applications and transfers can be much more complicated than they seem. It’s not a simple ‘tick and flick’ process and each venue is unique in how they will be allowed to serve alcohol in Queensland.

Perhaps the best path is to ask another Queensland licensee how they found the process, and whether they had complications.

If you are a new liquor licence operator in QLD, we highly recommend you to consider using a reputable and experienced liquor licence consultant to complete your liquor licensing QLD projects. Even experienced liquor licensees and operators will tell you the benefit and peace of mind of using a liquor licence consultant to manage the process for you.

Our liquor licensing clients enjoy the benefit of knowing that we manage all liquor licence communication on their behalf, to ensure the best outcome in the fastest time possible. We do it all day every day, so you can trust your licence work with us, no matter how big or small.

Not sure if you should use a liquor licensing consultant? Why not have an obligation-free chat with us to see if we’re the right fit for you?